About Us

Who are those folks and what’s their purpose, anyway? We first described ourselves as follows:

“GO Dancing! is a collaborative effort of dancers, callers, musicians, and the people supporting them in and around Goshen, IN.”

We’re a bit more formal now. The information below is from Article 2 of the Bylaws of Goshen Community Contra Dancing:

GO Dancing! is a nonprofit community based educational organization with the following aims:

  1. To encourage the practice and promote the knowledge of American traditional folk dance, music, and song.

  2. To sponsor community dances

  3. To train musicians, dance teachers, and leaders in order to further these objectives.

  4. To cooperate with other like-minded organizations in order to further these objectives.

We achieved 501(c)3 status in October, 2002 with the help of the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS). GO Dancing! is now a Group Affiliate member of CDSS.

Those of us working to organize the events are grateful for the incredible response this community has shown. We hope that you will join us in this wonderful experience of music, dance, and community building.

What gifts and strengths might you contribute?

We hold once-monthly organizing meetings to make this all happen. Please contact us with your suggestions or with any questions. Feel free to contact members of our Board of Directors or simply email us at info.godancing@gmail.com. Thank you!

Board of Directors

  • Adam Polhemus: President

  • Karen Andrews: Vice President

  • Abby Rees: Secretary

  • Debra Mast: Treasurer

  • Roy Somerville: At large

  • Jason Glover: At Large

Goshen Area Callers & Musicians

Barry Dupen: Caller (email)

Dwayne Johnson: Caller (email)

Karen Andrews: Caller (email)

Catherine Shoupe Teacher of Old Time Dance (email)

Les Gustafson-Zook: International Autoharp Champion, Old-Time Musician and Caller (website)

Jim Shenk of Wooden Music: Guitar and mandolin luthier (email)

Kent Dutchersmith: Musician - bass, cello, guitar, nose-flute! (email)

Ed Benner: Fiddler, Old-Time Fiddle Music; Dances, Parties, All Occasions, (email)

Soltre: Band (website)
Sean Ellsworth-Hoffman: fiddle, guitar, and ukulele
Eric Fiechtner: bodhran, fiddle, mandolin
Adam Carter: multi-instrumentalist

Waterbound String Band (youtube promo) (email)
Steve Seevers: Guitar
Bev Smith: Fiddle
Steve Braden: Banjo

Spyrun String Band (email)
John Long: Banjo & Guitar
Jan Long: Dulcimer
Matthew Katinsky: Fiddle
Nola Katinsky: Upright Bass

Riverrun Country Dance Band (website)
Catherine Shoupe: Fiddle & Mandolin
Patricia Nuyken: Keyboard
Brian Burchett: Mandolin
Richard Allen: Accordion
Eric Tauck: Guitar

Liza & Mark Woolever: Fiddle, guitar, harmonica (email)

Root Cellar String Band: Old-time stringband and vocals (email)
Lucy Long: Fiddle
Steve O’Regan: Banjo, mandolin
Dave Strickler: Guitar
Tom Goodwin: Bass

Regional Dance Groups